Opening Ceremony

On the August the 15-th, at one of the most important Christian feasts of the Holy Virgin, the ceremony of the official opening of the new glasshouse workshop of Cheh Plast Ltd., warehouses and adjoining infrastructure for more than BGN 1.8 million carried out with own and bank resources, as well as the renovated production lines in both the AL and PVC workshops. The investment of over 3.4 million levs is the largest in the private sector in the region.

Annual seminar company Cheh Plast Ltd.

On 6 May, 2016 traditionally held its annual seminar of the company Cheh Plast Ltd.


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  • SPA Hotel Meditsus city. Varshetz - suspended facade system Е 85, PVC joinery, composite panels Etalbond, automatic door
  • RING hotel city. Montana - PVC joinery, metal structure with thick roof shingles, automatic door
  • Evrohoteli AD, Hotel Gorna Banya - PVC and AL joinery
  • ET Invest - V.C., Burgas - Hotel Prestige, z.k. Lazur - PVC, AL joinery
  • Road motel opposite SHELL, Aytos "Roadstar" - PVC joinery
  • Balkanbas Hotel, Sarafovo, lead contractor - PVC joinery
  • Hotel in Nesebar, assignor is Drima Ltd. - PVC joinery
  • Hotel complex Chaika Vratsa - PVC and AL joinery, glass doors and windows, automatic door and garage systems GEZE
  • Hashove Hotel Vratsa - PVC and AL joinery
  • Lazur Hotel Burgas, z.k. Lazur - PVC, AL joinery and suspended facade

Bank Offices

  • Raiffeisenbank - over 190 branches in the whole country
  • Bulbank AD office Montana, AL joinery + bank security /armoured glasses/, lead contractor
  • Raiffeisenbank Burgas branch - suspended façade and internal AL barriers
  • Biohim AD, branch Customs Lom and branch Vratsa - AL joinery
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Prishtina - AL joinery, ETALBOND
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Teranda - AL joinery
  • Raiffeisenbank Kosovo, Raovets - AL joinery
  • Post Bank Vratsa - AL joinery, ETALBOND
  • Alfa Bank, branch Vratsa - AL joinery, suspended façade
  • Union Bank, branch Vratsa - AL joinery - subcontractor of Lintel
  • Bulbank, branch Vratsa and branch Montana - AL joinery
  • Piraeus Bank, branch Vratsa - ETALBOND
  • Central Cooperative Bank, branch Vratsa, Mezdra and Byala Slatina - AL joinery and ETALBOND

Public Buildings

  • PENNY Plovdiv, residential district Trakiya - suspended facade, aluminium joinery and automatic doors
  • LIDL Plovdiv, residential district Trakiya suspended facade, aluminium joinery and automatic doors
  • Casino in Sofia, residential district Levski - AL joinery, ventilated facades with ETALBOND and glass constructions
  • MALL "Danube" in Ruse - roof glazing, suspended facades and ventilated facades with ETALBOND
  • BILLA Sofia - Orlandovtsi - suspended facade, aluminium joinery, glass doors and windows
  • BulARKO AD - Sofia
  • Nadin AD, administrative building in Sofia, residential district Suhata Reka - PVC and AL joinery
  • Creditreform Bulgaria Ltd. - administrative building in Sofia next to 3rd urban polyclinic, Ulitsa na uslugite Str. - PVC and AL joinery, external rolling PVC persiennes
  • NPP Kozloduy, 5th and 6th block, subcontractors DPSV Vratsa District - AL joinery
  • NPP Kozloduy, 5th and 6th block, lead contractor - automatic door
  • Pedestrian trestle hill 5th floor between ILK, 5th and 6th block of NPP Kozloduy - subcontractor AESP - PVC and AL joinery
  • Police department Vratsa
  • NCCR, Vratsa District - AL and PVC joinery, lead contractor
  • Bus station Sevlievo, "Kometa Bus" - AL joinery, trade representative
  • Main Tax Office Sofia - AL joinery and glass doors
  • "Auto Plus", Vratsa - showroom + service
  • Holcim Bulgaria AD, Beli Izvor, lead contractor - AL and PVC joinery
  • Logo Company, Primorsko, residential building, lead contractor - PVC and AL joinery
  • Puls-GRP Ltd. Burgas, residential buildings, houses, villas - PVC joinery
  • Bulstrad, branch Kozloduy - AL joinery
  • Nafteks Engineering AD, Sofia - AL joinery, repairs
  • Lukoil, Vratsa, lead contractor - AL joinery
  • Lukoil Burgas, lead contractor - AL joinery and ETALBOND
  • NPP Kozloduy, supervisor PNF, subcontractor AESP
  • NPP, Kozloduy, site Management "Security", lead contractor - AL joinery
  • NPP, Kozloduy, 5th block hill 19 - AL joinery
  • Regional Inspection Environment, Vratsa, subcontractor of Stroyinvest
  • National Telecommunication Company Vratsa, lead contractor
  • AED, Kozloduy, HOG
  • Sky Group Vratsa, lead contractor - AL joinery trade complex
  • Pasat-MN Sofia, lead contractor - AL joinery and glasses
  • Universal AD, Sofia - PVC joinery
  • Ministry of Interior, Simeonovo residence, lead contractor SST 200 Ltd. - PVC joinery
  • Ministry of Interior, Department "MTOSO", investor Simeonovo residence
  • V i K, Vratsa - supply of PEH D pipes and shape parts for them
  • Boevski 2000, lead contractor - AL joinery
  • Danis Ltd. - AL joinery
  • Polisan, lead contractor joinery, petrol station in Vratsa
  • Poliengineering, Ruse, administrative and residential building - AL and PVC joinery
  • L G Petrolium, Ruse, production facility - PVC joinery
  • District prosecutor's office, Botevgrad, subcontractor of NCCR - AL joinery
  • "Investigating custodies" Vratsa, subcontractor "Stroitelna Kompaniya" - AL and PVC joinery
  • Traffic Police, Vratsa, lead contractor - AL and PVC joinery
  • Technopolis Vratsa - AL joinery, suspended facade, automatic door, ETALBOND
  • BILLA Vratsa, Montana - suspended facade, AL joinery, anti-fire doors JANSEN, automatic doors - subcontractor of Jung Ltd.
  • BILLA, Pernik - construction facade, AL joinery - subcontractor of Jung Ltd.
  • Satelit Ltd., office building, AL joinery, 10 mm glass, ETALBOND - lead contractor
  • T-Market - suspended facade, AL joinery, PVC joinery - lead contractor
  • Villa "Teva", Ledenika - PVC joinery
  • POK Ledenika of NPP Kozloduy EAD - PVC joinery, metal constructions - lead contractor
  • Astroko AD, residential complex "The Tower Castle", "Grand Royal", Bansko
  • Korekt Ltd., Vratsa, residential buildings in Sofia and Vratsa
  • Komet Electronics Sofia - administrative building
  • Peshkovski & Karamelski law office - administrative building in Vratsa
  • District Court, Vratsa- PVC Winows

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