The company produces certified glasses (Certificate No. 89427 by Stacione Spreimentale del Vetro, Italy), for its own purposes as well as for colleagues, producers of aluminium and PVC joinery.

The glasses of the company have CE mark since November 2009. This mark is compulsory according to BDS EN 1279-1 and 1279-2 from 2006 and for doors and windows it is compulsory since 01.02.2010 according to BDS EN 14351-1. The glasses are produced on a modern line by new machines of Italian companies implemented in January 2006. Because of the production of low-e glasses with soft coat, for the purposes of glass cutting and taking off the soft coating from the perimeter of the glasses, we bought table for cutting with CNC control from Z.BAVELONI - Italy. The product range is wide and you can obtain information about it from section "Products", subsection "Glasses".