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Cheh Plast Ltd., is a certified manufacturer and authorized Rehau partner. Cheh Plast offers production and installation of aluminum joinery, German PVC joinery, suspended facades, ventilated facades with composite panel, ceramics, HPL and ethernet, glass doors and windows, winter gardens, blinds, polycarbonate roofing.   The company was established in 2000 and is managed by engineer Dimitar Ivanov up to this day. The company now employs...

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Our services

Support joinery, installation, service automatic doors, glass package production

Maintenance of joinery

Cheh Plast performs out of warranty service of aluminium and PVC joinery (produced by us as well as other producers). The fact that we have...

Assembly of additional devices

Cheh Plast Ltd. performs assembly of upper automats and electric strikes (ensuring access control), which are suitable for front doors,...

Service automatic doors

Our company provides out of warranty service of automatic doors of the company DORMA,  CAME and the German GEZE. The same Cheh Plast...

Production of glasses

The company produces certified glasses (Certificate No. 89427 by Stacione Spreimentale del Vetro, Italy), for its own purposes as well as...

Glass foiling

Shop windows are usually foiled with thick foil (similar to that on the picture), cut foil or perfo-foil. Other types are the stained glass...

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