The precise mounting is guarantee the quality of a good window or door.

Known are several installation of windows: with dowels, screws for direct mounting only foam installation of anchors and remote installation. Assemblies Company Cheh Plast Ltd. ensure excellent execution of installation, whatever your chosen method, the warranty period is 60 months from the date of installation.

We will pay attention to the installation of windows in new low-energy and passive buildings, where appropriate coefficient of thermal conductivity to be reduced accordingly under 1,0 W / m²K for low-energy and 0,8 W / m²K for passive buildings.

The installation of anchors (or so-called brackets) is only possible for low-energy buildings. This type of installation can be used for all types of windows and doors of PVC, aluminum and wood. Typical for the installation of anchors is that it does not violate tselosta profile because it is not necessary to make breakthroughs in frames (profile-Fund). Thus do not violate the technical parameters of the profiles as thermal and sound insulation, reinforcement and sustainability of the risk that it may corrode.

Remote mounting system for installation of doors and windows outside the plane of the wall (over insulation), which ensures optimum isothermal line outside the construction base (wall) around windows and doors. This installation combined with external vapor permeable outside and inside watertight tape or pre-compressed tape three together, provide the required air tightness, stops moisture to the wall, while allowing release of moisture from the same building.

In 2009 Cheh Plast mounted with remote installation PVC windows system GENEO the German producer REHAU. We used galvanized consoles made from L-profile yet because there are no solutions for remote installation. Gradually we moved to the consoles ready with L-plates for tying wooden structures and system WINTeQ Henkel hydro, thermal and acoustic insulation and shield against condensation and water vapor. The disadvantages of using remote mounting brackets are: the attachment of brackets in the bricks of the wall is difficult and often hammered, neremontoprigodnost because the attachment of the windows to the consoles of the console and also for the installation takes more installers.

Recent years, the systems for remote installation to avoid problems with installation of systems, some of them already on the Bulgarian market.

We will discuss in detail two systems - TREMCO-ILLBRUCK, offered by Access Novello AD and greenteQ Klima Konform System, offered by VBH Bulgaria.