Windows search for your new home or want to present sanitized? Want to have a good price and excellent quality? Then the choice we must make is the new profile system REHAU -SYNEGO by "Cheh Plast" Ltd.

When choosing windows for your home is not only important type of profile. Attention should be paid to insulation, preventing burglary and soundproofing.

The new profile system SYNEGO by "Cheh Plast" Ltd offers all the advantages of modern window - quality, density, light, low maintenance and energy efficiency at good prices. Price of the new profile system of SYNEGO is the level of chamber 70 mm profile system Brillant Design of REHAU.

SYNEGO from REHAU is the perfect way to save on energy costs. In comparison with commercially available today standard five-chamber window system with a unicameral glazing thickness 24 mm system SYNEGO with its 80 mm construction width and double glazing thickness up to 51 mm provides up to 50% better thermal insulation. Transmittance of the profile frame for SYNEGO two seals up to 1.0 W / (m2K), but SYNEGO three seals up to 0,94 W / (m2K).

Windows SYNEGO exclude noise. The coefficient of insulation is Rw, p 45 dB. With SYNEGO will have up to 22 times less noise thanks to individual noise measures.

Home means security, comfort and tranquility. Thanks to the windows SYNEGO you feel safe in your home, because if thieves fail to break your window for a few seconds will hurry to find an easier target.

The new profile system is extremely easy to clean. Tray is due to a high finish - High Definition Finishing - HDF. Extremely complex formula seals the surface and provides unparalleled brilliance. But SYNEGO not only shines, but reliably functioning. SYNEGO offers a full functional capability even after years of operation. The sealing system protects you from drafts and moisture, while also providing improved pressure when closing. You can open and close the window more easily and without great effort.

With SYNEGO will be implemented all architectural solutions will satisfy the most discerning customers. SYNEGO available in all colors from the catalog of REHAU, namely more than 220 colors. Apart from the large selection of colors each client can shape their windows to suit your taste - big, small, square or round, with SYNEGO You decide. Whatever will be the choice one is sure that after years of windows you will look just like the first day.

With SYNEGO by "Cheh Plast" Ltd trust of a well thought out and sustainable window.