How to choose blinds?

The main rule when choosing blinds is consultation with specialist. If the company doesn't have specialist, remember:

  • When building new or in case of complete renovation of old house, include sun protection in the project. That will save you money and will optimize the blinds functions;
  • The real price of sun protection products is obtained after calculating the costs for heating and cooling of premises;
  • Consider the premises exposure and duration of sun shining inside;
  • When choosing material, choose material with low degree of heat conductivity and high degree of sunlight repel;
  • Consider the proportion of windows to the total volume of premises;
  • When defining the degree of light penetration, consider the functional use of the premises;
  • Ask the producer or trader for more details about the blinds constructive characteristics, quality and features of materials used for them; 
  • Do not order blinds based on your measurements.