Ventilated fasades - Ceramic ventilated facades

Ceramic claddings (ceramic ventilated facades) are made of environmental friendly material which has enough solidity and stability for facade claddings. The ceramic cladding (ceramic facade) gives the specialists opportunity to realize different architectural solutions where the long-lasting and stability of the ceramic cladding is bigger than the decorative coatings. The sizes of the facade plates are different starting from 150/400 (450) mm 175/400(450) mm, 200/400(450) mm, 225/400(450) mm, 250/400(450) mm, and there are bigger sizes with height 250 or 300 and length from 500 to 1200 mm in distance of 50 mm. These sizes of the ceramic plates allow freedom for different architectural solutions.

Baking the plates in furnaces with temperature of more than 1 100 С° guarantees low water absorbability, frost stability and colour stability.