- 4 sezona

The "4 seasons" window is perfect for each new or renovated building and is completely compatible with all kinds of joinery: PVC, wooden, aluminium, mixed.

It has the following advantages:

  • During the spring the 4 seasons window decreases the weather changes. In that period of the year this window allows increased comfort - thermo isolation ensures ideal temperature despite of the weather changes.
  • Summer - due to the "solar control" function the 4 seasons window reflects two times more solar energy than a normal window and does not need additional sun light.
  • Ensures ideal temperaturethe comfort and coolness are ensured even in the hottest days.
  • Decreases the air-conditioning costsby restriction of the solar energy quantity entering in the premises, it decreases the need of air-conditioner
  • Autumnwith the 4 seasons window transition to the cool season is imperceptible. Due to the characteristics of this window the effect of temperature decrease is considerably reduced.
  • Decrease in costs allows reduction of the early costs related to heating of the premises.
  • Winterthe 4 seasons window offers three times higher thermal isolation compared to ordinary windows.
  • Heat and comfortlost of heat is reduced as well as the cold area next to the windows.
  • Considerable savings more efficient thermal isolation means reduced energy costs.