• Cheh Plast is a Certified REHAU partner. There is a long list of Certificates and Charters received that you can see below.



  • On 21.04.2011 on the territory of administrative and production facility of Cheh Plast in Vratsa the traditional annual seminar of the company with all employees took place. Besides the employees who had to exchange experience gained during the year on exhibitions, fairs, business trainings, specialists from our supplying companies were invited as well. This year they were:

    - Mr. Zahariev - representative of AGC for Bulgaria - leading glass producer worldwide;

    - Mr. Pachev - manager architecture systems in Stilmet AD - Bulgarian leader in the area of aluminium profile systems;

    - Mr. Mondeshki - specialist profile systems in Rehau Bulgaria - Cheh Plast has been working with these profiles since the establishment of the company in 2000.

    Mr. Zahariev presented to the audience new and not so new but unused by us products of the leader in glass production - AGC. Attractive decision "Top 1,0" which achieves notable indicators related to heat transition from Ug=1,0 W/m2 K, successfully regulates the transition of sun rays with solar factor g=36% and the ability to accept the touch of the surrounding environment (profile colours, colour of next facade) impressed everybody. The attraction was demonstration of advantages and strength indicators of the painted glasses Lacobel of AGC. There was a short movie with examination of Lacobel agglutinated to plasterboard with round shot 0,5 kg from 4,5 m height which could not break the glass. Similar examination but with rubber hammer was made by a volunteer from the company and again the attempt was not successful despite of the efforts and force used.  The objective was demonstration of safety in using Lacobel in bathrooms, kitchens, toilets and other premises and the interesting colour range as well as lack of gaps make them preferred for more clients.

    Mr. Pachev told us in details about the changes and technical improvements of the suspended facade E85 which premiere was in the beginning of 2010. What was seen and explained by Mr. Pachev showed the deep work of the Stilmet engineers with use of feedback from the assembly companies that have already used the suspended facade on sites.

    Extremely interesting for the whole audience was the presentation of Mr. Pachev related to the newest openable window system E75, meeting the newest requirements for heating, functionality and aesthetics. He pointed out the advantages of this system as elegant straight vision with assembly width of 75 mm, heat transition coefficient Uf from 1,1W/m2K, polyamide tapes from 39 mm, coextruded central pack and additional isolator in the thermal interruption zone. The employees in workshop "Aluminium joinery" and technologists from the company asked questions and asked about details for assembly and link between the case and wall because even if the system is new, we have already completed some orders with window system E75. Mr. Pachev showed specially developed profiles used for water resistant and steam diffusion tapes, for link with heat- and hydro-isolation system of the building.

    Last but not least Mr. Mondeshki attracted the audience before the lunch break with new Rehau products launched on the market during the last year. 

    After a brief exposé, related to the material from which profiles are produced and its physical and mechanical properties and its safety for humans, Mr. Mondeshki introduced to us the newly developed GENEO profiles.

    With them we can satisfy our customers’ desires and produce doors, sliding with lifting, that up to now we made with Brillant Design (five-chamber system 70 mm. construction width).

    The need for these new profiles appeared with the enhanced search of windows for passive houses in Western Europe and in Bulgaria, and the passive houses’ front doors and large glazed and opening areas were not feasible without GENEO newly developed profiles.

    The representative of Rehau Bulgaria Ltd paid greater attention to the profile system EURO 86, which copies the configuration of GENEO profile system, but the material is traditional.

    Euro Design 86 is a reasonable cost solution for low-energy and conventional buildings, because of the heat transfer coefficient of the frame Uf of 1,2 W / m² K (with reinforcement without supplements) and rabbet construction for optimal uptake of triple glazing to 53 mm., more frequently recommended and implemented to the customers.

    After one-hour cocktail break in order to refresh ourselves and discuss our experience with the lecturers, the afternoon session of the seminar began. During this session, six employees -Prof. P. Georgiev, Prof. Is. Neshev, Ivaylo Mitov, Eng. V. Galabov, Yoto Yotov and Prof. D. Ivanov - shared what they have seen and learned on their visits to workshops, trainings and fairs abroad. They all had prepared numerous photos, which illustrated their talks.

    In the end, we discussed the plan-program of the company for the next 3 years and did analyze the Corrective Preventive Action (CPA) with repeated mistakes, paying attention to all the employees in order to minimize them in the future.


    cheh-plast conducted the traditional annual seminar
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  • Cheh-plast Фотогалерия - Производство

    The production base of Cech-plast was purchased in the autumn of 2003. Immediately began renovation of existing buildings, patio and fencing of the property as listed was in a tragic situation. Definitive repair completed in June 2005, but production has moved in August 2004 in an already finished  workshop Aluminum and workshop PVC joinery with modern rest room, dressing rooms, bathrooms and toilets....

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  • Cheh-plast Продукти - Парапети

    In the last years aluminium railings almost have replaced the old metal railings.

    They are beautiful outside, corrosion resistant, easy to be assembled because of the ready elements used and last but not least, their modern design gives comfort. They are suitable for houses, villas, offices and administrative buildings.

    The railings are developed in two main variants:

    Tubular with this kind of railing is used handle from 50 mm tube and decorative tubes 16 mm. That type of railings is used mainly for stairs and staircases and could be used for securing lower windows.

    Glass triplex is used as a fill in that type of railing /two glasses agglutinated with special colourless resin/, the total thickness of glass is 8 mm. There is possibility for use of colour and reflective glasses.


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  • Cheh-plast  -

    Our motivation for its development and certification was related to the increased requirements for public procurement as well as to necessity of guaranteeing minimum ecological impact of production on the environment....

    environmental policy
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  • Cheh-plast  - Quality policy

    In simple words, after the implementation of ISO 9001-2008 Cheh Plast is more modern and competitive and fully meets the European style.


    quality policy
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  • Cheh-plast  -

    Health and Safety management policy of Cheh Plast is targeted at unstoppable improvement of labour conditions in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation and achievement of higher satisfaction of the staff....

    health and safety management policy
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  • Cheh-plast Ltd., a certified REHAU producer of German PVC joinery as well as vast variety of aluminum joinery welcomes you to its website.

    Cheh-plast Ltd. is established on 08.11.2000 as a company for production and assembly of aluminum and PVC joinery, suspended facades, glass doors and shop windows, winter gardens, persiennes, cover constructions with polycarbonate and glass.

    Production of joinery starts in a rented space of 290 sq.m. At the moment the company has its own production facility placed on area of 5 200 sq.m. as well as buildings (workshops and administrative building) having spread area of 1530 sq.m.



  • The product range of the company has widened during the years and nowadays it could satisfy the demands of most pretentious clients. We are one of the first to adopt the innovations in our sector which makes us market leaders in the country.

    As a confirmation of the abovementioned we would like to stress the fact that in 2009 Cheh Plast was the first company in Bulgaria which produced PVC joinery GENEO series, one revolutionary profile system of REHAU suitable even for passive houses. During the second half of 2009 Cheh Plast is representative of Eurostill for assembly of interior doors, garage doors and the rest of their product range.



  • Cheh-plast За нас

    Cheh Plast Ltd., is a certified manufacturer and authorized Rehau partner. Cheh Plast offers production and installation of aluminum joinery, German PVC joinery, suspended facades, ventilated facades with composite panel, ceramics, HPL and ethernet, glass doors and windows, winter gardens, blinds, polycarbonate roofing.


    The company was established in 2000 and is managed by engineer Dimitar Ivanov up to this day. The company now employs 67 professional engeneers and workers. The activity develops on 12,100 sq.m. property with 2900 sq. m. built-up area and is concentrated in 4 workshops for PVC joinery, AL joinery, glazing and metal welding workshop. The company works with PVC profiles REHAU - Germany and aluminum joinery of the companies ETEM, SCHUCO, REYNAERS and ALUMIL. For the construction of curved facades SCHUCO and ETEM profiles are used. Since 2004, Cech-Plast Ltd has been involved in the manufacture and installation of ventilated facades of composite material (ALPOLIC and ETALBOND), ceramics, HPL and wood as building lining as well as roofing structures made of glass and polycarbonate boards. These are products that we had to implement in order to meet customers' requirements for complex building closures. At the beginning of 2006, a glass workshop equipped with new machines of the Italian companies Poliglas and Z.Baveloni, which produces glasses for own use and sale, works with a low-emission glass - soft emission. In 2016, the company completely changed and renewed  the aluminum and PVC production workshops  with CNC machines, which doubled the production capacity of the company. The equipment is mainly made by German manufacturers URBAN, GRAULE, THORWESTEN, ROTOX and ELUMATEC, as well as Italian ITALMAC.


    Clients of Cheh-Plast Ltd. can be defined as more demanding and although the company is based in the small town of Vratsa, its production is well known throughout the country. The company has offices in Sofia, Lovech and a representative in Burgas who have been working successfully for more than 5 years. Since the beginning of 2003, the company has been a certified manufacturer, since it has been certified by the Austrian and German representatives of the company as a quality certificate for the production of PVC joinery REHAU, and since May 2009 has been "Authorized REHAU partner". All this is due to the compactness of the company and the excellent professional training of the staff. Thanks to the above mentioned, Cech-Plast Ltd. Became a well-known name in the cities: Sofia, Lovech, Burgas, Mezdra, Sevlievo, Varna, Sozopol, Kozloduy and abroad (Raiffeisenbank, Belgium, France and Austria). The company definitely has experience in working  with banks as clients. "Cheh-Plast" Ltd. has made over 200 branches of Raiffeisenbank as well as separate branches of UniCredit Bulbank, Postbank, Alpha Bank, Piraeus Bank, Cooperative Bank and Allianzbank.


    "Cheh-Plast" Ltd. is a member of  "Bulgarian Doors, Windows and Facades" Association from 2004. The Association includes more than 100 companies from the builders  branch, who are positive, tat the only way to achieve results matching the client’s demands is to invest in the business itself.
    In 2016 and 2017, the company invested over 3 million Bulgarian levs in a new hall, machinery and equipment. In order to have the latest in the industry.
    To meet the new requirements of architects and investors, Cheh-Plast Ltd. does not miss professional exhibitions specializing in the branch of the joinery manufacturers in Nuremberg and Munich, Germany, and to keep in touch with the latest innovations its regularly sending its experts to Thessaloniki, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey.



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