The technology for producing glass with warm edge "uses two main types of spacer to produce:

- Spacers configuration as traditional aluminum, but made of SAN (styrol Acryl Nitril Copolymer) with glass fibers : 35 ± 2 %,
popular as PVC spacers. In this technology, materials and other manufacturing operations are similar to conventional aluminum or metal spacer, but performance thermal insulation around the perimeter of the glass are enviable better;

- Flexible spacers and DuraSeal DuraLite. The innovative combination of materials and design used in the manufacture of spacers TruSeal, led to the creation of one of the most effective thermal products among all the existing up to now on the market. The high performance of spacers TruSeal proved comparing the coefficients of thermal conductivity and moisture resistance of the window. Leadership among containment systems type "hot end" loan DuraSeal DuraLite and manufactured by a company TruSeal. Dura-based platform is unique lamination technology, which includes several components that constitute a complex system. Each component possesses special characteristics and performs a function which affects the overall performance of spacers.