The professionals choose "HOT END".
During the last 15 years there is a tendency for repositioning of leading glazed windows producers from traditional multi-operational technology for pressurization of the glazed glass to single operational technology using flexible spacer. That technology ensures very good energy saving indicators and higher production efficiency.

Developed by the American company TruSeal Technologies Inc. more than 25 years ago the pressurization system has first appeared in North America and still has solid positions on the world joinery production market.
The "hot end" system has many advantages compared to the traditional multi-operational technology for production of glazed windows:
- second pressurization is not necessary;
- production of windows with different shapes and sizes without using additional equipment;
- low energy and labour costs;
- big production premises and warehouses are not necessary;
- high heating and pressurization properties;
- increased life of thewindow (about 30 years).
The use of flexible pressurizing system in the windows production simplifies considerably the production process and does not require high costs, warehouses, production premises and many employees. Pressurization of the window is done only by one operation. Therefore, the technology can be used in small warehouses with production capacity 20-30 windows per day as well as in higher volumes production with production capacity 1500-2000 windows per shift.
Production line using horizontal roll press and hand application of the spacer allows production of windows with random shape without loosing time.
The extremely simplified process, lack of waste, environmental friendly production and practically unrestricted opportunities for the production of special constructions make the TruSeal technology along with the use of flexible spacers, attractive and desired by the producers. 
Windows using flexible spacers, often called "hot end system", are widely used in industrial, public and residential construction, incl. for energy saving, triplex, reflective and decorative glasses as well as in transport and fridges.