The thirdlecturebeen presented byMr.AsenAntonov -constructorin a company HIL AD.Itwentmoreunconventional,such asconversationand discussion onthe newprofilesystemsAlumiland on those not sonew,but recentlyused in Cheh plaston the orders forFrance, Greeceand Belgium. From the newsystems ofAlumilMr.Antonovspokemainlyonthe establishedrecentlyin GreeceM20000, which isdesigned to beusedonly with a hardware for PVC, forthe openingelements.
Longdiscussedwere thedrainagesystemsfor slidingS400andS450,andthe system lift and slide M300,asMr. IvanDimitrovthe owner of"HIL"ADhave recorded somequestions that he willmake to the constructivedivision of Alumil plant,because they arein the competence of thesystems founders.

.       HIL