Офис сграда АСМ

Extremely complex and challenging building created by the architect. Davchev was met by Cheh Plast and it was great challenge. Ventilated facade Cheh Plast filled with etalbond (ETALBOND) of ETEM, by developing a unique new technology for the curved section. Aluminum windows and curtain walls are filled with profiles of leading Belgian company REYNAERS, as in both systems have special bends and forms that deserve respect.

Сграда АСМ
АСМ северна фасада
Северна фасада - огънати бонд и дограма
АСМ Монтана - северозападна фасада
Шлиц между два обема на АСМ Монтана
Стационарни слънцезащети
Слънцезащити пред южна окачена фасада
Трети вариант стационарна слънцезащита