Opening Ceremony

On the August the 15-th, at one of the most important Christian feasts of the Holy Virgin, the ceremony of the official opening of the new glasshouse workshop of Cheh Plast Ltd., warehouses and adjoining infrastructure for more than BGN 1.8 million carried out with own and bank resources, as well as the renovated production lines in both the AL and PVC workshops. The investment of over 3.4 million levs is the largest in the private sector in the region.

Annual seminar company Cheh Plast Ltd.

On 6 May, 2016 traditionally held its annual seminar of the company Cheh Plast Ltd.


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^Glazing of fundamental importance for windows

Glass is construction of two or more glass, between which there is an air gap that occurred with different size spacers and hermetically closed. 
Good glass must be double barrier. One barrier in the glass is butylene affixed on both sides of the spacer and the second is silicone, polysulfides or tiokolat filling the space between the panes and the spacer. In operable windows can not penetrate water outside and inside the closed moisture with air in making it is absorbed by molecular sieve, which is filled spacer. Thus, between the panes can not be formed condensate.
Glazing may be several types and for different requirements: low-emission, energy saving double glazing, triple glazing, insulation, sound insulation, argon.

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